Tongkat ali svorio metimui,

tongkat ali svorio metimui

kaip numesti kūno riebalų svorį

Generally, ginseng extracted is years old. Ginseng planting cycle is generally years, and in terms of data tracking analysis, years of ginsenoside content and the proportion of other components is the most balanced The content of saponins in rhizome was higher than that in rhizome, and the price of rhizome was much higher than that of rhizome Function Beauty effect Ginseng active substances inhibit the reduction of melanin, make the skin white and smooth, can enhance the elasticity of the skin, so that the cells get new life, is the best skin care and beauty.

ar dėl vilkligės numesti svorio?

For cardiovascular disease Ginseng extract for hypertension, myocardial dystrophy, coronary arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, etc. Used for stomach and liver diseases For Neurasthenia Ginseng extract has significant excitatory effect on nervous system, can improve the ability of body activity, reduce fatigue; It has certain therapeutic effect on different types of neurasthenia patients.

Erectile dysfunction Ginseng extract as a male strong agent, has a very good effect.

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Applied in medicine field.

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